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Mother and father holding a baby.

Breastfeeding Coach


About Me

Hi, I’m Trisha

I am a wife and Mom of 4 young children.  I have always enjoyed educating and  helping others is my passion! I was lucky to exclusively and successfully breast feed all of my babies which translated into over four years of breastfeeding. During that time I spent many hours educating myself on breastfeeding and have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience.

I understand many of the struggles encountered by first, second, third and even fourth time moms. I have experienced many hurdles during my own breastfeeding  journey and I understand the many emotions and struggles other women may experience. As an experienced and trusted Mom, I am frequently the “go to” person for all things breastfeeding, babies and kids. I have been called upon often to help friends, family and even strangers when they have faced difficulties with breastfeeding. I have found many women lack having that one knowledgeable person to really help them through the struggles they may experience as they learn to breastfeed.

I am truly passionate about helping women reach their breastfeeding goals with compassion and nonjudgmental care. We all deserve that chance to have credible information, support and guidance. Throughout the last few years, it has become obvious to me that many moms lack that knowledgeable support person, that “go to” mom friend who always knows or can help you find the answer. Moms need that person who is going to coach them through this new journey, empower them, educate them, relate to them and understand their struggles, concerns and needs. We need that person to help encourage us and be there to answer the littlest and biggest questions.

Recognizing that need is how this adventure got started. I want to mentor other moms and support them as they work towards their breastfeeding goals. I feel that my passion to help others and my experience exclusively nursing my kids for over 4 years has given me a great deal of knowledge and I want to share it and help you! My background as a Registered Nurse and an educator has given me the skills to critically think through problems, decipher credible sources of information and apply knowledge and information effectively. I look forward to helping you along your journey!

Trisha, breastfeeding coach and her husband and four kids.
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